Le valutazioni delle aziende per fini di impairment e la variabile fiscale


The impairment test has become a key theme in the preparation process of the financial statements, especially for companies recording intangibles or goodwill in their accounts. In this context, how to manage taxation in the so called "value in use” estimations is not straightforward and arises practical issues to be solved. In fact, IAS 36 enforces the use of pre-tax cash-flows and pre-tax rates, while companies and practitioners are oriented to carry out the estimations adopting a post-tax approach.There is therefore an apparent contradiction between the approaches used in practice and the mandatory theoretical provisions of IAS 36, even though the IASB is currently reviewing its approach, allowing for more flexibility for companies on how to deal with taxation.That said, the article aims at investigating the underlying reasons for the methodological approach of IAS 36 on the treatment of the taxation profile and to understand the consistency of the practical solutions with respect to the accounting framework. The operational issues and the technical approaches useful for the execution of the impairment evaluations are then analyzed and discussed. The paper provides proposals that can be useful for the administrative departments of companies and their consultants.


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