Manuscript Submission


Papers for the "dottrina" section must be submitted in Word format; the maximum length is 25 pages, each page must be written in Times New Roman 12 style, single spaced, 3 cm margins on each side; the title should not exceed two lines; the author's name must be reported without professional or academic qualifications; paragraphs should be indicated with specific titles, numbered and highlighted in bold.
It should be provided an English abstract, length no more than 20 lines, framed in a box after the title. An Italian version of the abstract, if possible, has to be provided.
4-5 keywords, both in Italian and English, have also to be provided.
References should be in the text in the form: name of the author / year of publication (i.e.: Smith 2008); references, in alphabetical order by author, must comply with the following criteria:
a) books: surname and initial/s of the author's name (or organization name), title in italics, editor and year of publication: e.g. J. Smith, Financial statements, Giuffrè 2008.
b) papers from journals: surname and initial/s of the author (name or organization name), title in italics, name of the journal, volume number of the journal, year of publication, number of the starting page: e.g. J. Smith, Fiscal assessments, Journal of Chartered Accountants 1/2008, p. 80 et seq.Footnotes, as a consequence, should be limited as much as possible.
For the purposes of the review process, the author's name will appear below the article title (no professional or academic titles) only in the final version; the author must send the draft anonymously, removing the name from the header, and making sure that in any other part of the work are mentioned quotes or references that can be traced back to the author identity.

Papers of "attualità e pratica professionale" must follow the same standards as the "dottrina" section papers; must not exceed 12 pages. Even for papers to be allocated to the "attualità e pratica professionale" both a short abstract of the manuscript (both in Italian and English) and 4-5 keywords (both in Italian and English) are required. References should follow the same rules above illustrated.

Papers related both to "dottrina" and "attualità e pratica professionale" sections must be sent by e-mail at; authors must indicate address and phone number and attach a brief scientific CV.